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Nathanael Georgeson
Based in Seattle, WA
Twitter - @UnfortuN8
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Rock Paper Frigate is a mobile game developed during the COVID-19 pandemic by Nathanael Georgeson that spins the classic rock paper scissors game into a mobile, socially distant, totally epic, space fleet battle.


Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 and resulting "stay at home" orders, I wanted to find a fun way to connect with friends and family despite the lockdown and mandatory social distancing. The result was Rock Paper Frigate, a mobile game that incorporates the basic mechanics of rock paper scissors, with the strategic placement of ships in a starship fleet.

The idea was... just because our social interactions are over Zoom, Facebook, or Reddit, doesn't mean we no longer have disagreements! Rock Paper Frigate allows the resolution of these conflicts in a fun, fair, and socially distant way. Not to mention, building a fleet of star ships and watching them clash with your opponent's is objectively more fun than rock paper scissors!

The fleet formation aspect of the game was inspired by The Lost Fleet novels written by Jack Campbell, in which strategic or clever placement of starships within two intercepting fleets, dramatically changed the result of a battle. This characteristic adds a new layer of complexity to the classic game, while additional ship types, game modes, and an intriguing storyline, make Rock Paper Frigate a unique gaming experience that still manages to feel intuitive.

While I had experience in software engineering, digital product design, and mobile app development when I started making Rock Paper Frigate, I had no formal video game design experience or training. I had picked up some familiarity with game development when building a simple shoot 'em up type game called Focus Fighter in 2015, but knew Rock Paper Frigate would be a much bigger and complex project. Nonetheless, I believed that distanced social interaction is easier when it is fun, and so learning video game design would be an additional, but necessary, challenge.

After over 7 months of development, beta testing, and a humbling amount of mistakes and rework, Rock Paper Frigate is finally ready for its public debut on the App Store... and to fulfill its purpose as a "remote disagreement resolver", as social distancing continues to be the norm.

To be continued...


A Multiplayer Mode where players can define their terms of engagement, challenge their friends, build a fleet of space ships, and watch their fleet crash into their oppenent's in an epic space battle.

A Single Player Mode where players can hone their quick problem solving skills while commanding The Last Outpost, a space station defending the last Human colony on the edge of known space! As the newly minted commander of The Last Outpost, you must launch fleets of ships to intercept the relentless attacks of an unknown enemy.

Extras + Add-ons keep the game interesting by unlocking new ships with special abilities and allow access to ship "skins" that make fleet battles with friends look even more spectacular!

Asynchronous Gameplay allows players to play at their own pace. When a player's opponent accepts a challenge, or prepares their fleet and is ready for battle, the game lets them know.


Rock Paper Frigate Icon
Fleet Battle Image and Game Description
Images of Setting Challenge Terms and Aceepting a Challenge From a Friend
Images Showing a Player Building a Fleet and a Fleet Battle using the Formation
Screenshots Showing a Fleet Battle
Rock Paper Frigate Ship Comparison to Rock Paper Scissors Image
Example Fleet Battle Video
Rock Paper Frigate Creator, Nathanael Georgeson